Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It has been an eventful month since I last posted here, Readers Mine, and I suppose I should apologize for not living up to my good intentions of posting weekly at minimum. What’s more, this current post promises to be short and to serve as more of a teaser than a true update. This week, I hope to engage in a flurry of writing here and try and catch up on ever so many things, including:

  • Slayage 4
  • W3 Wednesday
  • Yet another blogosphere iPad review
  • Airline travel
  • Academic plans
  • Shout outs to fine folks in St. Augustine, Florida

…or some combination of the above.

Solomon’s Reads. You’ll notice that the list of blogs I attempt to keep up with has grown, mostly through the addition of the works of a couple of friends from Slayage. I promise not to become one of those people who list 300 blogs, but these additions are pretty good ones, I think, and you should definitely check all of them out.

More later….

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