Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marilyn, Suddenly

My Mockingbird had to have routine surgery Thursday (all went splendidly, and she is already healing rapidly and well), so the night before we went out for a feast to prepare her to fast from midnight until after the surgery. After we’d ordered, I excused myself in order to head to the bathroom to pee and wash up. So, I go in, turn into the first stall, unzip, and then Readers Mine, penis in hand, I look up at the wall above the toilet and see:

Marilyn Monroe by Milton H. Greene


Barefoot. Sitting low, almost kneeling. Bare shoulders. Heavy breasts only barely covered by a spill of white that becomes translucent as it covers her long legs. One hand rising from her lap to auto-erotically caress her collarbone as her eyes look up at mine and her lips part. In a wonderfully sudden and enormously powerful moment of eroticism, a bolt of electric passion surged from the oldest parts of my brain to the organ I held in my hand.

I’ve never been a particular fan of Marilyn Monroe, and while not unaware of her sex appeal, I’d certainly never been moved by it like this! Grinning widely, I resisted the temptation to commit the Sin of Onan on the spot, finished my business, washed up, and went back to join my deliciously sexy wife for dinner.

But I think I’m a Marilyn fan now. Oh yes.

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