Saturday, October 29, 2011

Catching Up A Bit

Okay, it’s been more than a while since I’ve posted here and I’m sorry for that, but to be fair I did warn you that this semester the blog might get few and far between. Fear not, though, I’m still kicking!

In NOLA, plotting a bit of the ol' ultraviolence.
To briefly catch up, the PCAS conference in New Orleans was an absolute blast, and Mock’ and I managed to eat our way through the French Quarter with some fantastically smart, fun, and funny friends whom we see far too rarely. Our presentations went off well, and we enjoyed a nice long weekend together away from all of the usual routines. I’m not sure what it says about us that having someone come into the room and make the bed while we’re gone, and replace all of the towels we’ve thrown into the bathroom floor with freshly laundered ones feels like luxury bordering on decadence, but it does, and we enjoyed every minute of it. For more details, head on over to Mockingbird’s professional blog, Unfettered Brilliance, for her NOLA wrap-up as well as a look at the ongoing Great Buffy Rewatch and her Intro to Film class.

In school news, classes are going very well, and I’m pleased to announce that the GRE is done with and my scores look to be pretty good, all told. Now to start cranking out the applications! I’ve also been expanding my “new media presence,” which translates into setting up a Twitter account. You can follow me there as @EnsleyFGuffey, should you be inclined to internet-stalk me. The Farscape paper has been submitted, approved, and is in my pile of stuff to do awaiting some tweaking, and so you can look for my chapter, “War and Peace by Woody Allen Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Wormhole Weapon” in Tormented Space, Uncharted Territories, and Wormhole Weapons: Critical Explorations of the Farscape Universe, edited by Sherry Ginn from McFarland and Co. in early 2013. Pretty groovy, huh?

There are some other plates spinning and some I’m in the process of trying to get spinning, but that covers all the highlights for now. Now that my schedule seems to have produced a relatively clear space for a bit, I’ll try to make up for some lost time here, Readers Mine, with a few posts in the coming week, starting out with some reviews of what I’ve been reading and watching recently. The reading has been pretty good, the watching (at least when it comes to movies) not so much. Until then, be well.