Saturday, May 26, 2012

Speaking Out, Speaking Up!

Jeez! Where the hell did all of this dust come from? I mean, I know I haven't posted here since... um... March. Waaay early March. Still, how does server space get dusty?

Okay, okay, I'm a lousy blogger lately, but I plead personal stupidity in taking on too many projects all at once. I'm also pretty sure that I won't be posting regularly here for at least another month or so, but we'll see. Wanna Cook? The Unofficial Guide to Breaking Bad is coming along nicely. We're turning notes into prose and our editor at ECW Press seems to like the sample pages we've sent her way. Unfortunately from a fan perspective (yet fortunately from a writing deadline perspective), AMC has announced that it will be splitting the final 16 episodes of Breaking Bad into two mini-seasons, airing eight episodes beginning July 15 this year, and the final eight in the summer of 2013. So, it looks like Wanna Cook? won't be hitting stands until the very end of 2013 at the earliest, and most likely not until the spring of 2014.

In other news, I've been awarded a B.A. in History from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, graduating summa cum laude (yay!), and I'll be entering the Master's program in history at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN in the fall. Currently I'm working on knocking out the first draft of a chapter on Marvel's The Avengers, written and directed by Joss Whedon, for the upcoming edited colection A Joss Whedon Reader. It's a short deadline, but I'm really enjoying the project and the film has me firing on all fan-scholar cylinders.

Also, as most of you know, North Carolina, where Mockingbird and I make our nest, passed Amendment One to the State Constitution on May 8, a "Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State." We worked hard against this amendment, not least because it's just not right to write discrimination into our state's constitution, but also because it is stupidly written law which could dramatically and negatively affect all unmarried couples in NC. Anyway, we lost, but the people in my state who were politically "activated" to oppose this issue have refused to disband and disappear. We're all determined to keep fighting for civil rights for all citizens, and to speak out against discrimination and hate.

Which brings me to Pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, NC (NOT to be confused with a church of the same name in Charlotte, please!). If you haven't heard Worley's deal, here's the sermon, on Mother's Day no less, which has got me and some 1000 other people driving up to Newton tomorrow to protest using the pulpit to preach hate:

Now, Worley and his congregation are going to be meeting at an undisclosed location out of town tomorrow, thus demonstrating the strength of their convictions, and we are going to gather with like-minded folks on the lawn of the Catawba County NC Justice Center in Newton to protest hate speech, particularly hate speech which has been despicably presented as being the word of the Christian God. Which it ain't. Mock and I will be there with a these signs:

You can even come and join us if you want! For more information check out the Protest's Organizational Facebook Page, but please, if you do come, familiarize yourself with the code of conduct we're going to be abiding by:

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So, remember: we lost a battle in NC, not the war, and people like Worley are not representative of my state. And if you decide to come to Newton tomorrow, look Mock' and me up. We'll be the ones with the signs! ;)

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