Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Meth Mondays

Okay, okay, I'm a stupidhead.

There's been no "Meth Monday" for two weeks now, and also no explanation for its absence. Unfortunately, what I'm about to write is the explanation. In a perfect world, all I would do is write, go to cons and conferences, and play with Mockingbird (and not necessarily in that order), but it's not a perfect world. Currently I have all of four weeks left in my first semester of graduate school. In those four weeks, I have to produce three research papers totaling some seventy-five pages of original research. Since I'm a stupidhead (see above), I have more work to do on those papers than perhaps I should this close to the end of the semester. All is well, however, and the work will get done, but it does mean than my writing energies and attention pretty much have to be focused solely on those papers for the next month.

Therefore, "Meth Monday" will be taking a brief hiatus until the second week of December, when weekly installments will resume. In the meantime, follow me on Facebook and Twitter for links to the latest Breaking Bad stuff that comes across my screen, and be sure to visit my co-author's blog Unfettered Brilliance regularly for her updates on new films, Breaking Bad, and all sorts of good stuff. I will also try to post here, but it is likely to be short and linky, and irregular.

On a final note, Wanna Cook? The Unofficial Companion Guide to Breaking Bad is on schedule to be out in the spring of 2014 from ECW Press, after Season 5 has wrapped up and probably around when the "Complete Series" Blu-Ray/DVD/Whatever packaging is hitting the shelves as well.

So be well, and I'll see you back here for "Meth Monday" on December 17!

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  1. I disagree that you're a "stupidhead." Keep in mind you're also doing a good chunk of the groundwork associated with organizing Joss In June. Sheesh. Just be a student for a month, wouldja?