Monday, July 29, 2013

Meth Monday: Breaking Bad at San Diego Comic Con

Hello again Readers Mine! Okay, here we are THIRTEEN DAYS until the premiere of the final season of Breaking Bad on 11 August at 10pm on AMC! Which means a couple of things for Solomon Mao's and "Meth Monday." First, I'll be posting every Monday again, and once the show is actually airing, I'll be putting up my thoughts and speculations on the previous nights episodes, as well as updates on the progress of Wanna Cook? The Complete, Unofficial Companion to Breaking Bad. We'll be moving into the final push to complete the book as the final 8 begin to air, because everything has to be done and turned in to ECW Press by 23 October, so the whole shebang can be translated into German (yeah, bitch!) for simultaneous publication in the spring of next year. So, busy times ahead, but oh man what a fun way to be busy!

Meanwhile, one of the most interesting and fun interviews in the run up to Season 5B took place in the (in)famous Hall H of San Diego Comic Con last weekend. You can watch the full panel below, and it's worth it. AMC bleeped some words here and there, but this version is the best for close ups of the panelists. So enjoy, and I'll see you here next Monday!

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