Monday, July 15, 2013

Meth Monday: Final Season Teasers That Reveal Nothing, But Are Made of Awesome Sauce

Hello, Readers Mine! Things are finally starting to settle down around here (after which they will again get progressively crazier, of course), so I thought I'd give these little gems some extra web-space:

Okay, how intense was that? So, some questions: Jesse is looking up through the glass-topped coffee-table in his living room, and the tabletop is littered with food detritus, a beer-bottle, a small mirror like one might use for coke or meth, and what looks like a bong. Jesse's using again, and his house is again showing outward evidence of his inner turmoil. We saw that Jesse had picked up the booze and pot again in 5.08 "Gliding Over All," but it looks like his descent is accelerating. Will he pull out of it? Also note the reversal of the trademark Breaking Bad camera shot. Instead of a view up-and-through something, we now have a view down-and-through. Is this indicative of other reversals coming in the last 8 episodes? With Hank, the questions are simpler: where is he going and/or who is he chasing? And what will he do when he gets there. The last time we saw Hank this furious and driving was in 3.07 "One Minute," and at the end of that particular drive, Hank put Jesse in the hospital.

For my money, the teasers focus on Jesse and Hank because these two will be the central characters for the final 8 episodes, and it will be on these two that the story will turn. Am I right? Who the hell knows. We'll find out starting in just 28 days.

One more thing: the title for 5.09 is "The Decision." Nothing foreboding about that, huh?

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