Monday, September 8, 2014

Meth Monday: Myrtle Beach Days

Hello, Readers Mine! Yes, my "Meth Monday" streak is well and truly broken. *sigh* I blame higher ed, and my being on the other side of the desk for the first time - things have been crazy busy! Yet fear not, Wanna Cook? goes on!

The big news is that Wanna Cook?  is going into it's second printing! Which means that the first printing has pretty much sold out. This is great news because it means that we have not only made back our advance, but should actually get a check along with our first royalty statement! And that is all thanks to you guys. Thank you so much for continuing to make Wanna Cook? a success. Your posts, pics, reTweets, shares, and - most of all - purchases have made my longest-standing dream come true. Each and every one of you rocks like Dethklok!

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, Dale and I will be at Books-A-Million in the Myrtle Beach Mall this Saturday, 13 September, signing books and talking meth from 2 - 5 pm. Is there a better excuse to go the the beach this weekend? Do you really need a better excuse? It's the beach! And Breaking Bad! And us! What more can one ask for?

And now it's time for one more announcement: after today "Meth Monday" will become an occasional feature on Solomon Mao's, with posts only popping up as we schedule signings and events, something really cool and/or newsworthy about Breaking Bad comes across our screens, or other Wanna Cook? news crops up. This is to make way for a new, regular column here: "Tuesdays with Mollari," which will document the journey of our next book Dreams Given Form: The Unofficial Companion to the Babylon 5 Universe, coming from ECW Press in 2016.

Wanna Cook? and "Meth Monday" have been wonderful rides, and my love affair with Breaking Bad is anything but over. Yet, like all fans, I'm polyamorous, and my passion for Babylon 5 can no longer be denied! I hope you'll stick with Dale and I as we embark on our next project, and that if you are not already a B5 fan, you'll become one as you journey along with us. In any event, thank you again, and be well.

Keep Cookin'!

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