The Author: 
Ensley F. Guffey is a reader, writer, historian, popular culture fan-scholar, and academic late bloomer. He received his MA in history from East Tennessee State University in May of 2014. More importantly, he is delightedly married to an incredible woman, and the two of them make their home with a goofy shepherd-lab mix named Spooky, a fiercely private greyscale cat named Chiana, and a strange tuxedo-cat called Jazz.

Ensley's publications include Wanna Cook? The Unofficial Guide to Breaking Bad, co-authored with K. Dale Koontz and forthcoming from ECW Press in 2014; and "War and Peace by Woody Allen, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Wormhole Weapon," in Uncharted Territories, Tormented Space, and Wormhole Weapons: Critical Explorations in the Farscape Universe, edited by Sherry Ginn, and forthcoming from McFarland and Co. in 2013. For a full listing of publications, papers, and conference participation, please see the "CV" section of this site.